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Why LetsTalk

Connecting you to the person you want to become. Look at the people who are 5-10 years ahead of you, ask yourself if you can learn from their experiences.

If the answer is yes then find a mentor in our group and schedule one on one sessions to understand what it takes to be there, see if you’re on the right path and ask questions to learn from the mentor’s experience.

If you don’t find a suitable mentor drop us an email to find the right mentor for you.

Why Webinar

Connecting professionals to learn and share their knowledge and expertise. Our webinars are an opportunity to interact with some of the leading minds in the industry and discuss the emerging trends and modalities relevant to their domain.

If you don’t know what is the impact of Design, Kubernetes, Cloud, Machine learning, etc. you would never want to learn that.

These webinars are a great place to understand a wide array of topics. From demystifying technology buzzwords to practical applications soft skills, we are sure you can find a topic that inspires you.

Why Open Discussion

This is a more interactive and closed panel discussion. Where we bring together a varied set of people to ideate specific problem statements.

The topics range from impact of a specific emerging technology to distilling startup ideas.

The moderated panel discussion helps get multiple viewpoints on the table and is sure to be an engaging session to be a part of.




Mentor will talk to mentee one on one



Webinar on specific agenda and Q&A


Open Discussion

Group discussion on any given topic



Mind & Body

Ruby (Yoga) | Reha (Mental Health Counsellor) | Shikha (Personal Trainer) | Sana(Personal Trainer)


Art & Design

Atul (Photography) | Anant (Product Design) | Navjeet (User Experience) | Gunja (Fashion)


Business & Entrepreneurship

Nikhil (Digital Marketing) | Om (Entrepreneur) David (Entrepreneur) | Bharath (Entrepreneur)



Coming soon


Social Work

Coming soon


Anant Tambade

Director, Experience Design Center at Amdocs
Schedule free session with Anant

Abhishek Jain

Top Writer @Quora | Ex-Entrepreneur | Full Stack Engineer at Spotify
Schedule free session with Abhi

Atul Gopinath

Engineering Lead at Barclays
Schedule free session with Atul

David Horton

CEO and Managing Director at Thynk Digital

Ganesh Phatangare

Cloud Architect at Rackware Inc
Schedule free session with Ganesh

Om Singh

Frontend Architect | Entrepreneur | Head of Digital Experience at Eminds
Schedule free session with Om

Shikha Singh

Fitness Expert in Yoga and Pilates
Schedule free session with Shikha

Reha Raheja

Counselling Psychologist
Schedule free session with Reha

Avinash Patil

Technology Evangelist, CloudNative and Analytics at Eminds
Schedule free session with Avinash

Kalpesh Patil

Senior Quantitative Researcher at WorldQuant | IIT Bombay
Schedule free session with Kalpesh

Shivaji Ranaware

Frontend Specialist at Deloitte Germany
Schedule free session with Shivaji

Damu Winston

International Best Seller | Keynote Speaker | Innovation Consultant | Pitch Coach

Ankit Tanna

Owns a YouTube channel "Everyday JavaScript" | Front-End Expert | Classroom Trainer
Schedule free session with Ankit

Vishal Lad

Full Stack Engineer | Front-End Expert
Schedule free session with Vishal

Nikhil Sharma

Brand Strategist | Brand Manager
Schedule free session with Nikhil

Navjeet Singh

Experience Designer | Product Designer
Schedule free session with Navjeet

Vinod Patne

Solution Architect | Software Architect
Schedule free session with Vinod

Ruby Singh

Alliance certified Yoga teacher
Schedule free session with Ruby

Neeraj Sidhaye

Microservices Architecture | Automate API Integration Testing | Runner
Schedule free session with Neeraj

Sri Harsha Gajavalli

Artificial Intelligence | Natural Language Processing | Machine Learning | Deep Learning | AIOps | AI Thought Leadership/Strategist
Schedule free session with Harsha

Nitesh Sinha

Backend Development | Distributed Systems | Machine Learning | Deep Learning
Schedule free session with Nitesh

This started while working from home because of the 2020 corona pandemic. The more people you inspire the more people will inspire you. Good people make us better people. There is difference between offering a service and being willing to serve. They may both include giving but one is generous. Know more